TMS Testimonials

A few words from patients that have gladly shared their experience, as TMS treatment has changed their lives. The time has come for you to talk to a doctor to determine if TMS Therapy is right for you.


“I'm a violinist and fiddle player in Nashville, TN and NeuroStar changed my life...I was diagnosed with clinical depression when I was in middle school...I underwent countless medications...The medications I tried all had bad side effects or they would do absolutely nothing...I felt absolutely numb...I started to see results from my treatments shortly after I finished...It was like I was going through life with a dimmer switch on and all of a sudden everything was so clear...there was clarity I never had before.”


“I was happy...I had passions about things, then that went away. I had great success with a lot of medications, but they weren't working anymore. I saw this information on NeuroStar...and I said you know, I've got nothing to lose. They've done the studies, they know it's safe. Within a few weeks I started to feel better. Choose to do something to fight the battle. My name is Carol...and I no longer suffer from depression."


“I'm a husband, I'm a dad, and I'm no longer suffering from depression...With depression, you don't want to make friends...You just want to be alone...I've tried 11 different medications...some of the side effects were pretty severe...treatment has helped me bring my life back...with a happiness that I’ve never experienced before...I'm much more active with my family...It's satisfying to know that something works.”


“For ten years I suffered from debilitating depression...thanks to NeuroStar that is no longer the was about my seventh treatment...suddenly I had a moment where I could feel for the first time in a decade what my state of mind was before I became depressed...I'm grateful to NeuroStar...they gave me my life back when I felt that wasn't possible anymore."

If I could go back and talk to my depressed self, I would say "Do not hesitate. Get the NeuroStar TMS Therapy and make that change".


After NeuroStar TMS Therapy, I am motivated and looking forward to the future.


Today I feel clear, light and happy. NeuroStar TMS changed my life.


When you’re depressed . . . you’re always fighting to live . . . to survive the next day. NeuroStar made such a difference . . . all of a sudden I felt empowered, I felt strong, I felt like I wasn’t a victim anymore.


NeuroStar treatment has changed my life. . . . it’s given me life, it’s given me joy, it’s given me opportunity.